Thursday 19 January 2017

James Downey: Government trying to sell opposition pig in a poke

Published 09/10/2010 | 05:00

JUST when I thought I had reduced my anger level from maniacal to merely murderous, another spate of scandals and absurdities came along to raise it again. This time they involved, directly or peripherally, one minor party and the ghost of another.

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John Gormley announced the establishment of a committee to ponder what to do with those electronic voting machines. Another Irish solution to an Irish problem! A committee, a commission, a taskforce, a working group. Anything except the correct and obvious thing -- get rid of the wretched gadgets as quickly and cheaply as possible.

I can tell the Green leader what to do with them: crush them, like the cars in the scrappage scheme that are now being destroyed at a cost of €5,000 each to the taxpayers.

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