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James Downey: 'Bertie's Rocket' crashes to earth with an almighty bump

Published 23/11/2010 | 05:00

WHEN Bertie Ahern formed a government composed of bits and pieces in 2007, the veteran Labour guru Pat Magner called it "Bertie's Rocket". He held that its creator, with a stroke of political genius, had designed the vehicle in such a way that no matter how many bits fell off, it could still fly.

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As things have turned out, the design was not perfect. The vehicle has not lasted the course. The most spectacular, and the most shameful, political crash in Irish history is now certain.

This is not the fault of the one-time Teflon Taoiseach. The culprits are a bunch of treacherous Green crawthumpers. Yesterday morning they sabotaged a rocket that had several months' flying time left.

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