Tuesday 25 July 2017

Jack Kim: Power battles await North Korea's 'Great Successor'

Jack Kim in Seoul

Despite the extraordinary show of military power, ceremonial pomp and tens of thousands of weeping extras choreographed to tearful, almost spontaneous perfection yesterday, North Koreans yearn for better. They know that their southern brethren, and even the despised Chinese, live better than they do. They are hungry for change. They are hungry, full stop.

Those who live in Pyongyang are a privileged elite. Well may they weep at Kim Jong-il's death, for they have perks and privileges to lose when -- not if -- North Korea finally comes to its senses.

So far we have not been shown similar scenes of stage-managed grief from outside the capital where, for most, life is grim beyond imagining. The people there too will have shed tears, if they know what's good for them. But they are not deceived.

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