Friday 20 October 2017

Fianna Fáil did the State some service -- but just not enough

Darragh McManus

Darragh McManus

They haven't gone away, you know. Except maybe they have. It's hard to tell just yet. But if Fianna Fáil was a patient and someone had to give a diagnosis, it'd probably be something like: they're in intensive care. They may not pull through.

In fact, that is what political analyst Noel Whelan said on Newstalk's Breakfast this week, in so many words. He's written a book about the history of the party, and came on to discuss it with Ivan Yates.

Despite the fact that I sort of hate politics, find it boring and only pay attention because I have to for work, this was a very interesting little segment. Whelan's book covers the whole story of the Soldiers of Destiny, from their formation by De Valera to last February's electoral decimation.

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