Saturday 22 July 2017

Even a celebrity attention-seeker can be a health role model for us

Where would we be without Twitter? While the Twitbox is mainly filled with inanities – 'amusing' quotes, marketing messages and occasional mudslinging – it has its uses. It can be a rallying cry to search for a missing person; an awareness and fundraising tool; a relevant indicator of the mood of the masses.

So with such a mixed bag of messages, it's easy to ignore a tweet from a minor celebrity who's a bit poorly. So what if Peter Andre needs a Lemsip or Kirstie Allsopp has a blister? So what if Michelle Heaton has had to go to hospital for the weekend?

Who is she anyway? In the early noughties, 33-year-old Heaton enjoyed a smattering of hits with Liberty X, the original talent show losers – in that they were formed by people who didn't make it into Hear'Say.

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