Thursday 29 June 2017

Emma Hannigan: Cancer is a tough battle, but one that it's possible to win, insists multiple survivor

Author Emma Hannigan
Author Emma Hannigan

I REMEMBER the first time I was diagnosed with cancer. I did what most computer literate folk do. I surfed the net looking for statistics. I was desperate to know whether my oncologist was telling me the truth, that I could beat breast cancer.

Now, seven years on, I know for a fact that Dr David Fennelly is not only a man of his word, but he's a life-saver.

You see, I thought cancer was a definite killer with no way out. I assumed that a diagnosis removed all hope. Why? Because I'd lost so many family members to cancer in the 1980s and I figured "the big C" was one of the grim reaper's favourite ways of recruiting souls.

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