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Down with the house of Frasier

Published 08/01/2006 | 00:11

IS there a sweeter sound in Irish journalism than the wails of the effete South Dublin TV critic when RTE viewing figures show Killinaskully has trounced John Kelly's The View once again? Fifth Column thinks not.

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You see the status of Killinaskully is the equivalent of those great 19th-century cultural wars over the language movement. In today's war, on one side we have the sort of cultural snob who faints at the sight of a Centra breakfast roll and who also fondly imagines the drawing rooms and restaurants of South Dublin bear an uncanny resemblance to the set of Frasier.

We'll note in passing that the sad truth is that mostof them bear a closer resemblance to an episode of Upwardly Mobile. Happily, once again, the views ofthe plain people of Ireland who like their fun to be, well, funny and who would prefer not to spend their time being turned miserable by improving dramas about how cruel we are to the lesbians / Travellers / immigrants / refugees have prevailed.

As for our cultural snobs who also condemned Pure Mule in spite of the fact that it provided us with the first RTE dramatisation in a decade of such serious issues as Alzheimer's, Fifth Column can only say one thing: when it comes to analysis of drama you are all simply "pure mule". You don't know what that means? Look it up in the Midlands pub dictionary of life.

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