Thursday 21 September 2017

Declan Lynch: Paddy partakes in his own deception

The editing of Martin's fluffed line smacked of the nod and the wink, writes Declan Lynch

At the time I noted it, but didn't think much of it. Micheal Martin, in the course of his otherwise excellent attack on Gerry Adams during the leaders' debate, had attempted to use one of the oldest and most tired lines in Irish showbusiness: "there'll be one for everyone in the audience".

Except he got it wrong, emerging with "something for the audience every Friday night" under an Adams regime.

Which perhaps in itself is not a war crime, but which might have merited some media comment on the grounds that a man who could make such a basic error must have been living in some faraway land for a long time now. And one might also have expected to hear some harsh words about the handlers and their brain-storming sessions which can't produce anything better than this, a line so old it should never be used by any thinking person in any circumstances, let alone in a national emergency.

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