Sunday 22 October 2017

Day I came face to face with lovely Liz -- at a rock gig of all places

AS close encounters go it wasn't particularly sensational. But it did give a glimpse of the person behind the icon. The year was 1992, the venue was London's Wembley Stadium, the occasion a star-strewn tribute concert following Freddie Mercury's death from AIDS.

I had a backstage pass to cover the show, which naturally featured Queen on the bill. I wandered round, soaking up the atmosphere, while roadies rushed about preparing for each new act. Amid the organised chaos, a door opened and a gust of perfume wafted out, followed by a petite woman not much more than five feet tall.

And I was face to face with someone so instantly recognisable that she almost looked like a caricature of herself. It was Elizabeth Taylor. Surprisingly, she appeared to be on her own.

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