Monday 25 September 2017

Champion of the meek is exposed when mask slips

Gerry Adams's 'special' joke says a lot about who he is compared to the kind of person he claims to be, writes Brendan O'Connor

You wonder sometimes are you being too politically correct. But I don't think in this instance I am. To be honest I found the following exchange hard to believe.

Moreover, I found it hard to believe that it happened in our national parliament. But having seen it in the Indo, I double-checked it in the Dail records and there it was. Funnily enough, I don't think it was really reported anywhere else. Which I thought was odd too. But maybe it's just me.

They were discussing the whole 'seismic shift' thing last Tuesday during Leader's Question Time and obviously the opposition were giving Enda a bit of stick. After one very long answer from Enda, Gerry Adams commented: "I can see, after that answer, why they think the Taoiseach is special."

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