Tuesday 26 September 2017

Brussels to Birmingham: top must-see destinations for the Siptu junketeer

The squandered HSE fund is just another example of boom-time waste, writes Willie Kealy

Willie Kealy

Willie Kealy

New York, Los Angeles, Savannah, Georgia; then Australia, London, Sheffield, Birmingham, Southampton and Brussels. Some of these sound like attractive destinations. Others, not so much. But they are all must-see places if you want to learn how to be a cleaner or a caterer in a hospital. Or maybe if you want to train people to be cleaners or caterers in a hospital. Or, more likely, if you are one of the guys who oversee the people who train the cleaners and caterers in a hospital.

Actually, nobody seems to know just exactly who went on these junkets -- some of them, like New York, were repeat trips, and on one occasion some of these destinations were joined up to make a round-the-world tour.

The HSE paid for it. That means you and I paid for it. They seemed to think they were giving the money to Siptu "for the training, education and development of support staff . . . to maintain support for Siptu's human resource/personnel schemes and the development of management/union partnerships of best practice in health enterprise".

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