Thursday 17 August 2017

Aisling O'Connor: Climb down off the stilts girls, fashionistas can be such heels

Victoria Beckham wearing flats
Victoria Beckham wearing flats

FOUR from the top and two from the bottom – the numbers just don't add up for former 'Countdown' co-host Carol Vorderman, who has just broken her nose in a horrific clash with a wall after a tumble down a flight of stairs. The brainiest of Granada's army of mid-morning lipstick hosts now seems anything but smart. By her own admission, she ran down a stairwell in four-inch heels – with her hands in her pockets.

Many are wondering if the 'Loose Woman' had a greased wheel at the time of her fall, or if the whole thing was a nose job cover-up. The public eye can be a bitch. The bigger issue is the rise and fall of the high heel.

We're sorry to say it ladies, but in the name of health, safety and dignity, stilt-walking in the name of fashion is on the outs.

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