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Ailing 'Magill' finds new home with Hyland

Published 21/03/2004 | 00:11

COLOURFUL Mike Hogan is clearly a better businessman than we thought.

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First there was the shock news that he managed to unload In Dublin to the owners of Car Buyers Guide, and now we hear that he has performed the truly remarkable feat of selling the ailing Vince Browne-founded Magill as well.

Apparently Ian Hyland, publisher of Business and Finance, has decided that he would like a prestige title in his stable, so Magill is the one for him.

Michael O'Doherty of VIP and TV Now had apparently been looking long and hard at Magill and thought deeply about it, but eventually decided not to buy it. Which, in fairness, is something we've all done once or twice.

Could it be that there is simply no place left for a magazine of comment and investigative journalism in a market that already has the Sunday Indo? Mike will be glad that the publishing "empire" so many people had written off is earning him a few bob after all. Meanwhile, he's earning his own few bob, working with broadcasting magnate Denis O'Brien in the lucrative ring-tone market in Barbados.

Good luck to them all. That's our motto.

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