Sunday 28 May 2017
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Eoghan Gaffney Glynn before his seven stone weight loss, left, and after, right
'I didn't like to look in the mirror' - Eoghan (17) celebrates astonishing 7st weight loss A 17-year-old school boy said an embarrassing moment in the classroom was the last straw that prompted him to lose an astonishing 7st (44kg) in less than a year.
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'Standing in the sunshine, her widower looked worn out, yet radiant. He spoke fondly about the funeral, which had been simplicity itself, a civil ceremony that celebrated his beloved's life.' Stock photo: PA   A time of fond farewells and comfy coffins Fiona O'Connell It was a beautiful May morning when I met a man in this country town whose wife had recently passed away. Though he blinked back tears, he said that he had no regrets. For he had honoured the vows made when his beloved was terminally ill, and truly loved her in both sickness and health.
PECKISH? The nettle may tickle your fancy   Country Matters: Stinging nettles, cool super-food Joe Kennedy The 17th century herbalist and apothecary Nicholas Culpeper, son of a clergyman, advised those readers of his treatises seeking fresh pick-me-ups, particularly stinging nettles, to "find them by feeling, even on the darkest night".
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Eoghan Gaffney Glynn before his seven stone weight loss, left, and after, right   'I didn't like to look in the mirror' - Eoghan (17) celebrates astonishing 7st weight loss Patricia Murphy A 17-year-old school boy said an embarrassing moment in the classroom was the last straw that prompted him to lose an astonishing 7st (44kg) in less than a year.
Before: Andrea McClintock on her wedding day; after losing 16st   'It was the final straw' - the humiliating experience that motivated this Irish woman to lose an incredible 16st Donna Deeney An incident where she couldn't find clothes to fit for Christmas led one woman to change her life.
Suzanne Harrington: Oh my UTI: Everything you need to know about Urinary Tract Infections and how to battle through One of the few subjects with less conversational appeal than the urinary tract is the urinary tract when it goes wrong.
Two cups of coffee a day reduces liver cancer risk by third, major study finds Drinking two cups of coffee a day reduces liver cancer risk by a third, a major study has found.
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Russell lost his wife Wendy in April   Widower who slept next to his dead wife for six days opens up to Ryan Tubridy Patricia Murphy A widower who lost his "soul mate" to cervical cancer has told of how he slept next to her body for six days after she had died.
Dealing with bad news: Jan Redmond and her children Johnny and Matilda. Photo: Arthur Carron   Calm in the face of terror Kathy Donaghy Images of stricken parents carrying the lifeless bodies of their children were beamed around the world after the most recent gas attacks in Syria.
David Coleman: Confidence key to dealing with fear of attacks It is almost impossible to shield our children from bad, upsetting or frightening news. Even if they don't hear it on the radio, or see it on TV, they may hear about it in the schoolyard, or have it delivered to them online via their peers on social media.
Zainab Boladale: 'You have this constant fear you’ll be caught out' - Taxi driver who learned to read and write age 53 A former taxi driver who was illiterate until he was 53 said he lived in "constant fear" that someone would uncover the secret that he could not read or write.
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Special K's ad is causing controversy   Special K’s new advert tried to make 'eating' a women's issue and it failed spectacularly Sarah Young Forget the gender pay gap, supporting your fellow woman or simply wearing whatever the heck you want, because Special K has come up with a new way to be a better feminist: eating.
Sharon Hearne-Smith baked pictured with her children, Poppy, 2, and Pearl, 6 at their home in Drimnagh. Photo: Frank Mc Grath   Kids in the kitchen: Sharon Hearne-Smith's fuss-free recipes for little fingers There has rarely been a time when I've cooked that my daughters, Pearl (six) and Poppy (two), haven't wanted to get involved. Kids are naturally curious and drawn to cooking, so while I know it can sometimes slow things down - and often make for a far messier situation! - it provides a fantastic learning opportunity for them. From stirring, sprinkling, and spreading to washing, whisking and weighing, cooking provides kids with endless opportunities for learning. Newsdesk: Gordon Ramsay says you should be wary about ordering this popular restaurant dish Gordon Ramsay has said his extensive experience in some of the world's grimiest kitchens has taught him to always avoid a restaurant's 'soup of the day'.
WowBurger: 'Burgers are medicinal - and these are up to the job' What is it that makes a great burger? It's a question that preoccupies if not the greatest thinkers of our time, then certainly people of intelligence and discernment and, of course, savvy business folk the world over.
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TRES CHIC: Angelina Ball of Terenure on the Phoenix Interior Design stand at House 2017 at the RDS   Design event brings the House down Architect Dermot Bannon has said the biggest mistake a person can make when designing their home is to ignore their surroundings during the planning stage.
TV architect Dermot Bannon, just one of the great speakers at house 2017.   Ditch the decking: how boomtime fad fell out of favour Kirsty Blake Knox In the 90s, you'd have been hard pressed to find a back garden in Ireland without some honeyed hardwood decking. Newsdesk: 'Colour this year is one of the most exciting years that we've had' - Leading interior designer Jo Hamilton at House 2017 Leading designer Jo Hamilton has said 2017 is one of the most thrilling years she's ever experienced when it comes to the use of colour in interiors.
Meet Ireland's youngest property developer who worked from the bottom up to secure his first major project When the majority of his 17-year-old friends were playing computer games and goofing around shopping centres, Sebastian Connolly-Lax was breaking a sweat labouring full-time in his school holidays, and part-time in the evenings on building sites, in Australia, in London and latterly in Ireland.
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No worries: The new Kia Picanto tries very hard   Small way to hedge the future Campbell Spray Even as the article last week about the rate of change in the car industry was being published, the pace picked up. Ford sacked its global chief executive after fewer than three years in the job to replace him with a recent entry to the industry as the company races to keep pace with the rapidly evolving push into the world of technology.
PRACTICAL: An electric future with the Renault Zoewith   Let Renault's Zoe guide you to electric future as petrol dries up Geraldine Herbert Sometimes, even the best ideas take time to catch on. Remember when CDs were considered just a fad, dial-up internet was fast and who needed Google when we had Yahoo? Similarly, the impact of electric cars has been slow, particularly in Ireland, where drivers may applaud the zero-emission cleanliness of an EV and relish the economy, but up to now have been reluctant buyers due to range anxiety and high prices.
How to ensure your child's car seat is correctly fitted as RSA reveals majority offer no protection in the event of a crash Four in five child car seats are fitted incorrectly.
How this Irish couple toured 3000km around Switzerland and France in their Volkswagen camper for less than €1k Michael Lawless has just returned from a 3,000km+ road-trip around France and Switzerland in his 1991 - a rare motor here. How did it do? Here's his account.
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A cruise on the Alabama   A perfect day in Montgomery Thomas Breathnach Our visitor maps out 24 hours in Alabama's capital.
Car hire without the fear   Car hire without the excess worry - 10 tips for avoiding expensive extras Sinead Ryan For holiday peace of mind, it pays to get pm top of car hire...
Cyprus says ‘Fáilte’ to Irish tourists for summer 2017 Cyprus is saying ‘fáilte’ once again to Irish tourists for summer 2017.
Pól Ó Conghaile: US flights from €99: Norwegian announces flash sale, but be quick! Low-cost airline Norwegian is counting down to its US flights with a flash sale... SPORT  |  BUSINESS  |  STYLE  |  ENTERTAINMENT  |  LIFE
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