Saturday 19 April 2014

New York is top choice for TV-inspired holidays

New York is the top TV inspired travel choice because of the hit series Sex and the City .

A holiday survey reveals the new travel tribes emerging this summer, including the new 'TV Tourists' and tanorexic 'Beached Males.'

A new 2,000-strong study carried out by the UK Post Office has revealed some interesting new holiday habits.

The film Pretty Woman inspires people to visit L.A.

Not only has the study highlighted new incentives for a holiday - 39 per cent of men aged 18 to 24 now only make the trip abroad to get a tan - it's also unearthed some new summer holiday tribes, including the aforementioned 'Beached Males' and the new 'TV Tourists'.

 We're not kidding. A staggering 19 per cent of tourists have chosen their holiday destination inspired by something they have seen on screen. Top of the TV trippers poll is New York, because, says the poll, of the hit series Sex and the City .

The TV tourist top ten table

1. New York (39 per cent) e.g. Sex and the City, Goodfellas


2. Hawaii (23 per cent) e.g. Hawaii Five-0, Forgetting Sarah Marshall


3. Hollywood/LA (22 per cent) e.g. 90210, Pretty Woman


4. Rome (21 per cent) e.g. Rome, Roman Holiday


5. Auckland/New Zealand (20 per cent) e.g. Top of the Lake, Lord of the Rings


6.Venice (20 per cent) e.g. Casanova, The Tourist


7. Las Vegas (18 per cent) e.g. CSI: Las Vegas, The Hangover


8. Sydney (18 per cent) e.g. Home & Away, Muriel's Wedding


9. Greek Islands (17 per cent) e.g. Mamma Mia, The Aphrodite Inheritance


10. Miami (15 per cent) e.g. Miami Vice, Marley & Me


The study also uncovered 'Facebook Boasters'. This tribe will even go as far as faking "time of my life" photos and uploading them to social media sites to big up their vacations, and their social whirls once they get home.

The new breed of 'Health Trippers,' who use a holiday to find a renewed sense of energy, balance and peace of mind through yoga, fitness, meditation or healthy eating, are on the rise too, while 19 per cent of holiday makers, coined the 'Long-haul Lovers', now prefer to go further afield on their summer holiday.

The study also revealed that holiday makers over 55 were now more likely to opt for urban adventures, the Post Office aptly naming this group, the 'Senior City-zens'.

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