Wednesday 28 January 2015

Plenty of negative feedback for megaphone hecklers

Heckling through a megaphone
Heckling through a megaphone

This week's conferences may have been a PR nightmare for teachers, but it has given a boost to those in the megaphone business.

Shouting through his loud hailer while Ruairi Quinn spoke, Andrew Phelan showed that there are alternatives to Twitter for getting your message across. The PE teacher was taken aback by the fuss he created.

Could companies cash in on this craze for amplified heckling? A-Z Hire in Dublin this week advertised a loud hailer "ideal for protests" for €22-a-day.

A spokesman told me: "This is a good time for us with elections coming up."

Meanwhile, at the conferences, the two main second-level teaching unions, the TUI and ASTI, announced a possible merger.

Given some of the acrimony between teachers in recent days, the first item on the agenda could be a split.

So what will become of David Moyes now that he has received his marching orders from Manchester United?

Apparently, things came to a head when he accused his pampered stars of playing like girls.

After Ruairi Quinn's contretemps over girls and maths, Moyes might be well advised to avoid speaking to any teachers' conferences.


Good week

Social Welfare probes

Investigators uncovered social welfare recipients who are sitting on six-figure sums in a major crackdown. They found one financial whiz on jobseeker’s allowance who had savings and investments worth €400,000.

Instead of demonising this chap, the permanently in-the-red Government might be better off asking him for financial tips.

Bad week

Beer drinkers

Attention Nobel Prize judges. Boffins in Britain have discovered that drinking three-and-a-half pints of beer a day makes people fat.

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