Wednesday 17 September 2014

'No one takes time out to recharge'

Always connected: Social media manager Emma Henderson often checks her work email at night instead of trying to sleep

Emma Henderson (35) from Dublin often finds herself stuck in a vicious circle of tiredness and sleeplessness, she says:

"I'm really tired but find it difficult to get to sleep and then end up waking at 4am or 5am and find it hard to get back to sleep.

"I work in PR and digital marketing for the National College of Ireland and I love my job but a big part of it is managing the social media and so much of social media is about being connected all the time.

"Often I'll check work Facebook and Twitter accounts in bed. Recently I had an event coming up and I couldn't sleep for thinking 'did I phone the caterer?', 'was everything done?' It was like a loop going round in my mind!

"In the past, I would have read on the way to work and tried to fit a trip to the pool into my lunch-break. But now I check my emails on the commute and I've been too busy to go to the pool – even though I felt better and slept better when I went swimming.

"I also run a blog (, which is a time-consuming hobby and instead of switching off at the weekends, I'm doing things for that.

"I think there is pressure, to always be 'doing', but it's pressure we put on ourselves. It's about feeling like you're living up to your potential.

"All my friends are tired but no one takes time out to recharge. I know realistically that it won't make a difference whether I answer an email at 11pm or wait until I'm in work the next morning, but I still feel I should do it there and then.

"My enthusiasm and the quality of my leisure time definitely suffer when I'm tired. I don't want to go out and meet friends or get excited about blog events – I feel I'm not fully present even for things I find hugely enjoyable.

"If there was a magic cure for tiredness, I'd take it in a heartbeat but, until then, I guess I'll keep reaching for the coffee!"


Read Emma's blog here -


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