Tuesday 27 January 2015

New weigh of life for bootcampers

Karl Henry
Joanne Sweeney Burke
Aine Hayes
Una Duffy
Geraldine Sinnott

Success has come early for the delighted Kevin and Simon, says Andrea Smith

After the mixed results at the scales last week, many of our bootcampers came to the conclusion that they needed to increase the intensity when it came to exercise this week. And the work paid off, because while the group members are hoping to lose 14 pounds and 14 inches each on the Slim Solutions Bootcamp this month, two of them actually achieved it this week. Well done to Kevin Scanlon and Simon Kennedy on a great result.

"Over the course of the 29 days, the bootcampers were doing cardiovascular exercise, such as walking and running, combined with resistance exercise," says our health and fitness expert Karl Henry. "I think you ideally need to do both together to get the best results, as you are working all aspects of the body in many different ways. This combination, linked with a healthy low GI diet, is what has given such great results over the past three weeks. This plan is built for long-term health, and giving you the quick start you need to get the changes you're looking for. Quick fixes don't work in the long-term, and that's why I'm so passionate about what I do."

Total weight lost this week: 31.5lbs

Total weight loss to date: 115lbs

This week our bootcampers were learning how to exercise more effectively

Ensure you are working hard enough, no matter what form of exercise you are doing. You can measure this by using the "talk test", making sure that you are slightly out of breath but still able to hold a conversation.

This ensures that you are burning the right type of fuel and getting the maximum benefits possible.

Change what you are doing as often as possible. The body reacts to change, so change your weight, your routine, your speed or time, and watch the difference it makes.

Resistance training gives you the best benefits, so don't leave it out. It helps to tone and shape the body as well as promoting lean muscle tissue, which is always good.



Joanne Sweeney Burke (35)

Barna, Co Galway

Starting Weight: 11st 7.5lbs

Weight Loss Week three: 2.5lbs

Total Weight Loss: 9.5lbs

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