Monday 21 April 2014

Six die each year in cars that were 'written off'

Parking cars
Cars. Photo: Thinkstock

SIX people die each year in road accidents involving vehicles that have previously been written off, writes Motoring Editor, Eddie Cunningham.

There are around 200,000 write-offs being driven here, with up to 24,000 going back on our roads each year. Some 3,000 of those have been involved in a subsequent serious collision -- and written off a second time.

The revelations are made in a special report published today.

Vehicle history check company has called for stricter laws to keep the death traps off the road. A spokesman said: "Some cars will even be written off three or more times."

Out of 36,000 cars insurers assess each year, 12,000 of the most seriously damaged are destroyed. But the other 24,000 are made roadworthy again.

However, there are concerns a worrying proportion of these are death traps because those fixing them used old parts.

Irish Independent

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