Sunday 20 April 2014

My doctor told me to stay away from soft cheeses

Model Ruth Griffin is expecting her first child this month.

"I was aware there are a lot of restrictions on what pregnant women should eat so I checked it out with my doctor. She told me to stay away from soft cheeses and shellfish, and to wash fruit and vegetables thoroughly. I don't eat meat so it is difficult avoiding the cheeses, and I love goat's cheese so I really miss that.

After modelling for 10 years I was vigilant about my diet anyway so I've just been eating lots of spinach and broccoli and increasing my intake of quorn, which is great for protein.

I have heard people say that you shouldn't eat too much spinach or too many carrots because too much vitamin A is bad, but I think that's a load of rubbish.

It's not like you're going to be eating them by the truckload and there's lots of goodness in them, so I eat them anyway.

I think there's a bit of competition out there amongst women over who's the most vigilant during pregnancy, and some get a bit hysterical about what they're eating.

If I can I'll avoid things like pre-packed sandwiches but sometimes there's no way of getting through the day without one.

Maybe there's a bit of an information overload and people are getting a bit carried away. People shouldn't be so hard on themselves."

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