Friday 28 November 2014 Photography Entries

A man quietly Prays to God. (James Hardwick)
A man quietly Prays to God. (James Hardwick)
Ballet dancer Rebecca Flynn, Soloist with Monica Loughman Ballet (Andrew John Jones)
The custom house seen at dusk from the south side of the river Liffey (Michael Kelly)
This photo was taken on a walk around the japanese gardens in co kildare.I was shooting the swan reflection when i noticed the feather travelling towards the subject.I waited for a few seconds in the hope the swan would not move. (Fran Byrne)
I took this photo while I was waiting for my wife to arrive home from Dublin (into Carlow). (Dermot Kehoe)
Common house fly makes his way between the trees of the Dublin Mountains. This image is a series of over 30 photographs stacked and merged together. (Ben Ryan)
Picture taken at the Flight Fest in Docklands. Cup of coffee, sunny day, my iphone and catching the moment. (Aleksandra Nowak)
Was taken with iPhone 4 at sunset oct 2014 (Cathal Shaw)
Perfect time for a full moon... (Marion McAuliffe)
This was taken at the steps of our hotel during a holiday this summer in Zell am See, Austria. The children are Sadhbh and Liam. (Fionnuala Pitt)
This is a photo of the famous Fanad Lighthouse, in Donegal. I live beside this stunning building in the picturesque area, and I've therefor photographed it in many different settings and weather scenarios. I took this, from the helipad in 2010 and it remains one of my absolute favorites. (AIne Friel)
Grandson three months old,we were told he might not make it,he was put in a induce coma for two weeks. (Leo Grimes)
Maggie and bugs playing chess (gary oshaughnessy)
strolling along bohernabreena reservoir (kenneth fitzpatrick)
Father and son strolling down the street quite similarly (Donna Power)
Dublin by Night (Cormac O'Brien)
this is an image of an old man selling the Big Issue on Grafton street, what drew me to take this image was the expression on the old mans face as he walked around holding up the magazine, also the contrast between his lifesyle and that of 'colin farrell' on the cover of the magazine. (richard sheehy)
feeding time at dublin zoo taken with an iphone 5. (george connor)
Took this at 6:30 am from Blessington while Out working on my shift (Keith Sherwin)
Pictured is Wally O'Hara with the entrance to Dingle Harbour in the background. (Paul Reidy)
My partner and my son in Killarney. (Janice Byrne)
Lovely autumn day at the promenade in Salthill, Galway (Janice Byrne)
One of the famous Claddagh Swans was kind enough to pose for a photo one day in Galway. (Darren Creaven)
Taken on a beautiful august evening in fenit co kerry , a newly formed rowing team took advantage of every bit if sun light . (Joanne Crowley)
Summer Set (anthony mcglynn)
This is the reservoir in Carlow which I only came across this week and thought it was a nice capture with this effect. (Alex Ennis)
Pelican on a rock taken as a silhouette at sunset in the British Virgin Islands (Fredrick Goldsmith)
Stag chilling out on an autumnal afternoon in Richmond Park, Surrey, England. (Rachel Constable)
The sun sets over Killary bay near Leenaun village. (John Mee)
day out in donegal (anthony mcglynn)
Limerick City Council offices by night with St Mary's Cathedral in the background. (Denise Constable)
During an epic summer in Ireland, I photographed this boy enjoying a jump 'in the moment' - what a star he is :-) Photograph taken during the heatwave in July, Bantry, Co. Cork (Deirdre Fitzgerald)
Taken at the Botanical Gardens in Dublin (Carmel Vaughey)
Dancers from the Shawbrook Youth Dance Company performing Pearly Beech in Longford. The show was created by Anica Louw, and choreographed by Louw and the dancers. (Aisling Kenny)
I was taking pictures of my girlfriends cats out enjoying the warm weather and Dusty was hiding in the washing basket and I caught him giving me a look as if to say "Get that camera away from me". I managed to capture him through the handle of the basket just before he retired to his proper bed. (Tommy Mc Ardle)
Beautiful sunrise taken from the moving Wicklow to Dublin train at 6.45am in August (Caroline Mooney)
I took this photo recently on a stroll through town. The sun had started to set and painted a beautiful mirage of colours over the Liffey (Niamh Flanagan)
Cork Rebel Week 2013 (Diane Jefferies)
Reflection. (Elaine O'Dowd)
Taken in tipperary (Robert Kennedy)
The view of Lough Dan. Lough Dan (Irish: Loch Deán) is a boomerang-shaped ribbon lake near Roundwood, County Wicklow, Ireland. It is a popular area for hikers and kayakers and lies very close to the Wicklow Way. The Inchavore river flows into Lough Dan from the west and Lough Tay feeds it via the Cloghoge river from the north. It is drained to the south by the Avonmore. Most of the lake is surrounded by private lands, though the northwest corner is part of the Wicklow National Park. (brian cahill)
A swan enjoying a jacuzzi at a lock gate. (John Ayres)
Taken underwater in the Galapagos Island,Ecuador.An acceleration of speed from below the waterline,spotted during a feeding frenzy. (stephen bigler)
This is Model Eilis Downey in a photo done just before Christmas last year at the bridge by Connolly station in Dublin. The lighting is natural and from the overhead orange neon lights that light the street. (Mark Russell)
I took this picture recently in Moor Lough, Co. Tyrone whilst visiting family. (Pius Devine)
Picture of a flower I took in Birr Castle. Managed to catch the fly just at the right time! (Alex Murphy)
Tomb from Passy Cemetery, Paris (Simon o'Corra)
Fun Time On The Beach Donegal Shadows In The Sand (Eddie Byrne)
Dublin for courts at night (Anthony Whelan)
This picture I am sending for competition was taken in Salthill Galway.As you will see, it was taken along the Prom in Salthill in the summer of this year 2013. It was late evening around 10pm when shot was taken.The Blackrock diving board end is to the left of picture with the hills of County Clare behind can see two people were just heading out of water on this fine summers evening.The rocks to the left of Blackrock show up the Due that was falling that night along with some seaweed. (Andriy Tabachuk)
Ladies View Killarney Co.Kerry In November winter sunshine... (Paul Hickey)
This is my dog Rufus. I took his picture on my IPhone, then I used one of the aps to do stuff to it. I didn't change him much though. (Gerry Dempsey)
Fastnet Rock Lighthouse Mizen Head ,Construction of the first lighthouse began in 1853, and it first produced a light on 1 January 1854. The lighthouse replaced an early one built on Cape Clear Island in 1818, partly motivated by the loss of an American sailing packet, Stephen Whitney, in thick fog during November 1847 on nearby West Calf Island causing the death of 92 of her 110 passengers and crew. The new lighthouse was constructed of cast iron with an inner lining of brick and was designed by George Halpin. Costing £17,390, the tower was 63 feet 9 inches (19.4 m) high with a 27 feet 8 inch (8.4 m) high lantern structure on top, giving a total height of around 91 feet (27.7 m). It had an oil burning lamp of 38 kilocandelas; in contrast modern lighthouses typically produce 1,300 kilocandelas. In 1883 an explosive fog signal was installed, which electrically detonated a small charge of guncotton every five minutes. (Pat J Falvey)
This image was captured during a college project. I love it because of how the colours are drawn out of the roses and exaggerated by the colour gels I had placed on the studio lights. Photography was always a hobby of mine and only recently have I discovered how much I love photography. Flowers are beautiful to take pictures of and I think my photograph has many technical beauties to it aswell as quirky differences compared to other organic photography. (Marie Sheedy)
Taken at Howth Harbour in August during the dry spell of fantastic sunsets. The sky exploded. A couple got romantic. And the boats were coming home (Tony Murray)
This is a picture of my home town Athlone, taken from a different perspective. (Dawn McManus)
St Stephens Green, Dublin in 1960 (Desmond Sweeney)
(Aisling Butler)
Horses in the Evening Sun at Gulladoo, Carrigallen, Co Leitrim, ireland (Tony Fahy)
Sunset from my balcony in june 2013
The Rough & Rugged scenery in Donegal on a rare calm day! (Michelle Brady)
A damp dreary day in galway but look again....virbrant and beautiful (Picasa)
This is a picture taken on the morning my niece was leaving Dublin to return to America. A very sad day but was made special by the farewell she received from the Irish weather.x (Linda Grehan)
River Boyne at Drogheda Port. Boyne Viaduct once a wonder of the World built in 1855 for the "Dublin and Belfast Junction Railway Company" the crest of which contains part of the Dublin Crest "Happy is the City where the people obey" and part of the Belfast City Crest " How can I repay the Lords goodness to me" (Ian Armstrong)
I convinced my 5 year old daughter that I could take a picture of her with a fairy after a bit of persuasion and photoshopping here the results, she was very pleased (Alan Shelley)
Photo i took in my local park of a Cormorant drying it`s feathers. (Chris Shelley)
Photo was taken on a sunny afternoon on the coast near Gormanston beach as my blue merle collie scanned the horizon upon a small cliff. (George McNally)
Photo of Swallows/Housemartins chicks in a shed (Chris Burke)
Therese Maher in the thick of things for Galway against Wexford in this year's All Ireland Camogie semi final. (Sandra O'Donovan)
A beautiful crisp winters morning at The Papal Cross in The Phoenix Park Dublin. (Janet Mcglynn)
Wexford fireworks 2013 (Lynda Bergin)
Kissing my sweetheart Labrador Ringo on one of the hot summer days we had. (Amy Flavin)
Shhhh.....don't tell anybody. (Éimhín King)
A Photo of the sky out the back of my house at sunset. (Kevin Sheils)
picture was taking while out for a walk a long the3 dodder on a cold winters day (john Moore)
This is a photograph I took of my Sister at a Wedding in France. I think it has the wow factor, I think it makes you wonder what she's looking at and thinking about. (Lorraine Daly)
took this photo of a wild fox that was relaxing and next it give a big yawn (clodagh blake)
This is a photo of a bridesmaid attaching a boutonniere to one of the grooms mens suits. This is a pre wedding photograph that was taken at the house of the bride while she was preparing herself for the wedding. (Sophie Freeman)
The sea snail leaving a trail on the sand beach of Garryvoe beach April 2013, Photograph by Fabian Murphy (Fabian Murphy)
Photo taken with a Film SLR on Valentia Island. The Islands in the background are the famous Skellig Islands and this indignant character was disturbed as I walked up "Bray Head". (Christopher O'Keeffe)
This picture was taken on Abbey Hill, Co. Clare towards the end of the summer after our long period of good weather. I believe that you should discover your own country before another. It was my first time around that area and I was going paragliding. This picture shows us what we have here at home, on our doorstep. Many of us don't realise this. This is how I came up with the title. We do not need to fear the rain. So welcome home/to Ireland. (Tim McGrath)
This picture was taken of a cluster of trees that are situated in a field behind my house. The sun was just setting and the sunlight was peering through an opening in the clouds. As the sunlight escaped, it created a deep orange glow across the sky which illuminated the clouds. It has a sort of eery feel to it which I find adds to the picture. (Mark Kelly)
The tranquil lakes of Killarney on a late summer morning. Having walked for miles in the dark I waited for the sun to appear over the mountains and add colour to the mists. Not a soul was about and the lake was mirror calm. Taken with a 300mm lens and a wide aperture to try and capture the stillness and tranquility. (Christopher May)
Who want be on teddy bear side? (Norbert Cuprik)
The Boat Lough Gill Sligo (Declan Courell)
A view of Lough Derg from Mountshannon, Co. Clare. (MAUREEN DEVANNY)
Picture of a lake named locally as the Bog Lake in a place just outside Portlaoise named "The Heath" (Tom Cullen)
This is a picture I took of Martin Ffrench at this years Irish Drift Championship in Punchestown. I am an amateur photographer and motorsports photography is my passion. (Picasa)
I took this photo last week in the Phoenix Park of a Fallow Deer. I thought the fallen trees made a good frame for the picture. (Kevin Graham)
old boats on Claddagh quay, Galway (Peter Kelehan)
This is a photo of two bottles using blinds and mirror and light which as you can see brings out some great reflections and shadows (Roger Hale)
The beauty of a reflection in Dublin on a sunny September morning (Aislinn Medd)
black and white horse grazing on the turlough grasses in rahasane , craughwell on a foggy morn. (noel gorman)
Beautiful Sunset (Martin Sheridan)
a portrait of a model taken by myself this year, using blinds as a special effect (keith touhey)
Taken on the east side of the Inishowen peninsular clinging on to the north atlantic lies this beautiful old pier. (Declan Devlin)
I took this photograph during the summer months of this year at the Botanic Gardens in Glasnevin. It is possiblely my favourite photography to date. (Frank Carroll)
This is a shot of the interior of Saint Brigid's Cathedral in Kildare Town. I took it on my iPhone during August 2013. (Brenda Drumm)
I spotted this cottage on the way to Connemara and it turns out to have a lovely story. The cottage belong to a Bina Mc Loughlin otherwise know as the Queen of Connemara. She died a millionaire as her property was worth a handsome sum without ever known she was so wealthy. She was Eccentric shepherdess Bina, 72, lived with her cats and dogs Cats and Dogs and loved by everyone and I don't think the money would ever have made a difference to her life. (Michael Gissane)
This picture was taken on the bus tour to Connemara last summer, the weather was perfect and the picture turned out amazing (Andrius Barisauskas)
Two deer go eye to eye to see who is the best. (JOHN ONEILL)
Hi, this is my entry, I call it "when the night is nice" , the photo was taken in Dublin 1 year ago when I start into photography. (Marian Zidaru)
young swans feeding (tom byrne)
Gypsy Cob at Ballinasloe Fair 2010 (Rachel McGarry)
DJ Biome on stage in a Lazer light halo, taken while at a Macronite Music Gig in Dolans Wearhouse Limerick. (Lette Moloney)
Savouring the blues, Grafton Street Dublin on a late Saturday afternoon. (Siobhan Taylor)
A 37 photographs in 360 degrees that, combined to form a spherical planetary effect. Taken on 20 October 2013 in Phoenix Park in Dublin. (Donal O Faogain)
Taken early morning at University of Cambridge. (Sinead Carey)
This photo was taken on the 27th October, 2013, the evening before a storm tore through the south of England. We obviously only saw the edge of the storm on the south west coast, but it was enough to produce some stunning evening scenes. Here is what I saw from Ballybunion. (Ian Flavin)
This photo is an Adult Cygnet cleaning itself. I love The fold of the wings it gives this image a near-symmetry (Yvette O Beirne)
This is my very first studio shot and I had a great time working with Siobhán on this. Siobhán Madden started ballet in 1998 at the age of 4. Siobhán first preformed at the age of 5 at The Rupert Guinness Hall, the theatre is still in existence today but no longer in use as an entertainment venue. She has preformed at The National Concert Hall four times to date and the most recent performance in March of this year saw her first solo as The Sugar Plum fairy in "Celebration of Dance 2012" presented by Kim Lyons School of Classical Ballet. This Studio shot is a nod to Lois Greenfield one of my all time fav photographers. Myself and Siobhan were looking over some images and decided to see if we could make this work. It was a challenge but I am very happy with the way it turned out. The set up was 3 x Elinchrom BXRi 500's (get these from the great people at Barker Photographic) 2 lights shining into the back of Siobhan set at (5.5.) 1 light directly in front of her set at (5.0) Camera is the Canon 5D MKII with the Canon 24 - 105mm f/4L is USM lens at 47mm ISO 50 set on Manual at 1/160 @ f/16. (Keith Dixon)
Decaying enigmatic shipwreck on Magheraclogher Beach Bunbeg Co.Donegal.Taken in winter. (Tricia O'Hara)
Light peeks through the clouds on to the Bolivian Altiplano in the Andes. (Jeff Gallagher)
A 37 photographs in 360 degrees that, combined to form a spherical planetary effect. Taken on 20 October 2013 in Phoenix Park in Dublin. (Donal O Faogain)
When I look at the Irish sea and the rocks in the sea, I am inspired by their eternity of time. 40 feet in Dun Laoghaire most magical place in Dublin (Vladimir Zakharov)
Nightscape of Perth city. (Linda Xu)
Having lived here for the last seven years I think of Athlone as of my 'home' town now... This is a view over the bridge, Luan Gallery, Athlone Castle and St.Peter and Paul's Church on a rare cloudless evening. (Emilia Krysztofiak)
This picture is taken in Chinese city of Lijiang and captures natural mirror like reflection of eye bridge. (Jignesh Trivedi)
A Clemitas flower from my back garden (Cathal Malone)
miss the summer (photographer : Carlos Dasco)
(Photographer: Rodney Clery)
This photo was created specially for meditation. Make full screen preview. You need to relax and look slightly to the right from the image center for 5-10 minutes. After this time you will feel yourself filled with energy. This image is for personal use only. Personal use means non-commercial use of the Media for display on personal websites and computers, or making image prints or video copies for personal use Follow me on: Twiter , Facebookr (Photoartist © Vladimir Zakharov)
The Slieve Callan, one of the only running steam engines of its kind in Ireland, was recently restored to its former glory by local Co. Clare, businessman, Jackie Whelan. (John O'Loughiln)
(Cathal Malone)
miss the summer (photographer : Carlos Dasco)

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