Friday 30 January 2015

I'm a sucker for beauty fads, so I tried the vampire facelift

Deirdre Reynolds tries out one of 2013's hottest treatments

With not a single wrinkle at almost 600 years old, Dracula knew a thing or two about the secret to eternal youth.

Now girls here are taking their cue from Bram Stoker's famous neck-nibbler for a crease-free Count-enance, too.

'Dracula therapy' is tipped to become one of the hottest cosmetic treatments of 2013.

Youthful stars Anna Friel (36) and Kim Kardashian (32) have reportedly undergone the so-called "vampire facelift".

Like most girls, I'm a sucker for all the latest beauty fads. So when I was asked to brave the vampire facelift, I was only too happy to give it a Twi.

Also known as 'platelet-rich plasma skin therapy', the non-surgical procedure works by using your own blood to rejuvenate the skin.

"Platelets are cells in the blood which help repair tissue and stimulate collagen regrowth," explains Dr Peter Prendergast, medical director of Venus Medical in Dundrum.

'Platelet-rich plasma has 10 times the number of platelets as regular blood. So we take a regular blood sample and spin it in a centrifuge to separate the platelet-rich plasma, which is golden in colour, from the platelet-poor plasma, which is red.

"Then we add calcium chloride to activate the platelets and inject it back into the skin."

Just like forever-young Bella Swan, I donated a phial of my blood for the procedure, which Dr Peter then injected all over my face with a tiny needle that hardly stung.

Some might say that docs have a neck to charge €490 per session for Dracula therapy which recycles your own blood.

But the appeal of achieving the anti-ageing benefits of a facelift without going under the knife means there are plenty of other women who are vain enough, according to the clinic.

"We've had lots of enquiries about dracula therapy," says Dr Prendergast.

Pushing Daisies star Anna Friel, for one, thinks it's bloody great.

"I go to (French cosmetic surgeon to the stars) Dr Sebagh's and have a thing called the vampire facelift," she tells.

"You can't stop what's coming," adds the mum of one, who also swears by cold spoons to banish under-eye bags. "We are all getting older."

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