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Friday 23 June 2017

Vitamin taken daily lowers risk of cancer

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TAKING a daily multivitamin for years may lower the risk of cancer, according to new research.

The study followed nearly 15,000 middle-aged and older men for about 11 years, but it is not yet clear if the findings would apply to women or younger men.

"The main findings were a reduction in total cancers of 8pc," said the Harvard Medical School research.

The message is that the main reason to take a multivitamin is to prevent nutritional deficiency.

There have been previous studies into the effectiveness of multivitamins at preventing chronic conditions. The results of these studies have been mixed:

• Some studies have suggested that there is no benefit to multivitamin supplementation.

• Others conclude that multivitamin use is beneficial.

• Some have found that daily use of high-dose vitamin supplements may in fact be harmful.

Whatever about taking multivitamins, the key advice to reducing cancer risk is not to smoke and maintain a healthy body weight.

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