Wednesday 16 April 2014

Swap and see the weight drop

Swap white breads, bagels and muffins for wholegrain varieties

MAKING some wise food swaps can give your efforts to lose weight a boost, without too much pain involved.

• Swap from whole milk to semi-skimmed, 1pc fat or even skimmed milk.

• Swap a sugar-coated breakfast cereal for a wholegrain one such as porridge or shredded wholegrain wheat cereal with no added sugar.

• Swap a sprinkle of sugar on your breakfast cereal for a topping of fresh or dried fruit, which counts towards one of your five a day.

• Swap full-fat Greek yogurt for lower-fat or fat-free Greek yogurt or natural low-fat yogurt.

• Swap white breads, bagels and muffins for wholegrain varieties.

• Swap butter and cheese in your jacket potato for reduced fat spread and reduced salt and sugar baked beans.

• Swap a tuna melt panini for a tuna salad sandwich on wholemeal bread without mayo.

• Swap a cheddar cheese filling in your sandwich for reduced-fat hard cheese.

• Swap creamy or cheesy sauces for tomato- or vegetable-based sauces on your pasta, meat or fish dishes.

• Swap mashed potato made with butter and whole milk for mash with low-fat spread and a lower-fat milk such as semi-skimmed, 1pc fat or skimmed.

• Choose leaner cuts of meat – for example, swap streaky bacon for back bacon.

• Swap the frying pan for the grill when you're cooking.

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