Sunday 25 January 2015

Simple protein suggestions to give you a breakfast boost

Cheese: 50g of cheddar, Gouda or mozzarella cheese, on toast or bread or grated over a veggies or a salad.

Cottage cheese: This makes a great dip with chives for chopped raw veggies or as a topping for a baked potato.

Eggs: A hard boiled egg, or quick scrambled eggs with spinach, mushrooms and tomato.

Yoghurt: A few spoons of unsweetened yoghurt, you can add vanilla or fresh fruit for natural sweetness.

Nuts and seeds: Nuts and seeds, sprinkled on yoghurt, porridge, muesli, salads, soup or as a snack with dried fruit.

Nut butters: In my day there was just peanut butter, but now you can get almond, pecan, cashew, Halpenny butter – almost any butter. Delicious on brown toast, oat crackers or to dip apple slices or celery sticks into. Choose a sugar and additive free brand.

Beans, lentils and chickpeas: These can be made into delicious dips and spreads, such as hummus, that you can use as a dip or spread on to sandwiches and wraps.

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