Friday 30 January 2015

Karl Henry: Power off to relax

Karl Henry
Karl Henry
Remember to switch off your phone if you want to unwind
Homemade seed and nut flapjack
Crop top, €5, leggings, €10, water bottle, €3, all available from Penneys' stores nationwide

I'm a phone addict. There, I said it. Me and my phone have been involved in a very close relationship.

I am glued to it permanently. I have a panic attack if it's not in my hand or pocket, or on my desk or table.

God, it feels good to admit it!

What did we ever do before phones and 3G?

Before we felt that we needed to be constantly in touch with people 24/7.

I'm not sure. Last week I laid down a challenge to myself – to have one hour each day where I turned off my phone and had an hour to myself, an hour to think, relax, read, eat and enjoy the solitude that comes with being unavailable.

You know what, I'm still alive, still standing and actually more relaxed than I was before.

There is something extraordinarily powerful about being isolated for an hour and just enjoying the moment.

My challenge to you is this: for the next seven days, take one hour during your day where you turn your phone off, put it away and just enjoy the moment.

Recipe: Seed and nut flapjack

This is a healthier alternative to shop-bought processed fruit and nut bars. My version is full of fibre, and good fats too.

You will need

140g brown sugar

4 tbsps honey

45g walnuts, roughly chopped

45g hazelnuts, roughly chopped

45g Brazil nuts, roughly chopped

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