Wednesday 28 January 2015

'In showbiz, it's a wrap for lunch'

8.00AM THE alarm goes off but the snooze button is pressed a couple of times before I get out of the bed. I'm moving into a new apartment and because it isn't ready I'm staying in a Dublin hotel – and the reason I'm staying in the penthouse is because the nightclub was underneath my room, I couldn't sleep and the lads on the desk very kindly put me up there. I certainly couldn't afford it!

I open the mini bar and get a bottle of water for my breakfast.

I shower, dress and then go to RTE where I'm filming the show.

9.30AM I have a skinny latte in the canteen.

Afterwards, I go over to the studio where I work on a script edit, which is in fact more about mapping out the show.

I have a croissant and tea with milk while we work.

12.30PM I walk to my dressing room and sit to eat a chicken wrap from the canteen.

I take my time to eat. On other days I would have a proper lunch at home.

When I'm in production for the show I'm always unhealthy because I'm eating quick food, like sandwiches.

I don't like doing that because I really do enjoy good food and I love to cook. I often prepare dishes like curries from scratch and will do roasts.

I have a place in the south of France and I love French food too.

1.00PM I have to do a photo-shoot and the make-up artist and stylist arrive in my dressing room and I get into costume.

2.30PM Brian Dowling is here and we have a bit of craic. Because he hasn't eaten, I sit with him in the canteen and have a tea and we have a catch up and a laugh while he's having food.

3.00PM We go back to the set and do a rehearsal to give the director Peter an idea of what's happening in today's show. Then the producers come in and give a rundown of anything that needs changing because they're the writers as well.

I don't particularly like having food before a performance because I'm wearing a corset.

8.30PM The cameras are ready, Brian and I start the show and there's a great adrenaline rush. I drink water during the recording.

10.30PM After we finish we go into the Green Room where there are chicken wraps and some cheese and crackers.

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