Friday 18 April 2014

'I find it hard to keep calm going to school and I get angry easily'

My name is Charlie, I am 10 years old and I have known since June that I have dyspraxia. I have always hated the yard at school because I cannot run and all the kids in my class are into sports.

I also find it hard to keep calm when going into school and I get angry easily. Above is a picture of the symptoms I have.

Now you know the symptoms, I will tell you how it affects me and everybody else in my family. It burns my hand to write so now I use my laptop for writing all my English, history etc. I can't balance well but I can't think of any situation that I would need to balance anyway!

Dyspraxia gives me low self-confidence so I find it hard to introduce myself to new people; it also makes me extremely nervous about jumping on to moving things like paddle-boats. If a person gets spooked from a book they read they would get over it by the next morning, but for me it stays with me for a few weeks.




I can't eat in class as other people's food makes me feel sick, or if we go to a restaurant, if it's crowded, I just can't eat there. I am okay with a medium-filled pizza place, but somewhere like IKEA is a no-go for me.

This will not affect me for my entire life; it doesn't affect anybody who has it for their whole life. It just takes a while to find out what problems there are because dyspraxia has seven forms I think.

It is still easy for me to do my daily activities, such as making videos and stuff.

If you want to find out more about what I have created, here is my YouTube account, you can check it out and while you are on their please consider subscribing (not pushing you or anything!).

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