Thursday 27 November 2014

Giving those fitness DVDs a good workout

The weather may be miserable, but our guide to the best exercise DVDs means that you've no excuse to miss out on your fitness regime.

Misty Barker who runs her own personal studio in Bray, Co. Wicklow.
Misty Barker who runs her own personal studio in Bray, Co. Wicklow.

Has the rubbish weather meant your fitness resolutions have gone down the already over-flowing drains?

Well fear not, we've rounded up the best fitness DVDs to ensure you can beat the bulge without leaving the living room and keep fit without spending a fortune on classes, while fitness instructor Misty Barker gives her expert assessment.

From walking workouts to bum-busting moves and sweaty samba sessions, it doesn't matter if you're a fitness-phobe or fanatic, there's something for everyone – and none of it involves going out in the rain.




10 Pounds Down: Cardio Abs with Jessica Smith

Best for: Toning tummies

Perky fitness guru Jessica Smith leads a series of three, 30-minute workouts tailored to target the core. The music and Smith's zeal for fat-busting keep the energy pumping with punching, twisting, kickboxing, weightlifting and even some devilish one-armed burpees, working the abs.

What the fitness expert says: "Jessica's always motivating and the workout breakdown is great for people under time pressure. The cardio boxing is super for stress relief and the programme is excellent for total body toning and fat burning. It's a one-stop shop for weight-loss and regardless of how fit you are, it'll challenge you, even I broke a sweat!

"On the negative side, some of the routines are tough to get your head round initially and you need a small set of weights (which I didn't see mentioned on the box). But there's also a fab food plan included which is a great bonus."



10 Minute Solution Butt Lift

You can pick and choose between workouts depending on your personal goals and targets and let's face it, everyone can manage 10 minutes.

What the expert says: "The workouts focus on the three major muscle groups of the glutes (the medias, maximus and minimus) and you'll feel them all even after 10 minutes! There's a big focus on compound moves, which are clinically shown to burn more calories than isolated exercises – meaning it's good for weight-loss and toning. My only problem was the instructor verges on cheesy with her insistence that we watch her glutes to see them working."


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