Sunday 28 December 2014

Fit Moves: Week 5 of six-week challenge

6-Week Fitness Test for New Year: week 5 Alternating clean

Clockwise from top right: 1. Alternating twist and press, 2. Kettlebell swing with jump, 3. Alternating clean

1/ Start by standing upright, holding a kettlebell in each hand. With your knees slightly bent, thrust your hips up, pulling one kettlebell up to shoulder height.

2/ Lower the kettlebell back to the start position, repeating the exact same movement on the opposite side. Continue the exercise, alternating throughout.




1/ Start by lying on your back holding the kettlebells at shoulder level with your elbows bent on the floor.

2/ Press one arm straight up over your chest, just like the dumbbell press, then twist your torso while slightly raising your shoulder off the floor. Return to the start position by bringing your shoulder and elbow to the floor before repeating on the opposite side.


1/ Start in the squat position holding the kettlebell in both hands between your legs. 2/ Swing the kettlebell to shoulder height, thrusting your hips and keeping your arms straight, while at the same time jumping straight up in the air. As you land, guide the kettlebell back down to the start position. Ensure to keep your back straight throughout to protect the lower back.

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