Tuesday 16 September 2014

Fast safely during Ramadan

Muslims with diabetes should talk to their doctor before Ramadan fast

MUSLIMS suffering from diabetes who intend to fast during Ramadan this month are being advised to talk to their doctor in advance to avoid becoming seriously ill.

Ramadan takes place from July 9 to August 7 and it involves fasting as part of religious observance. Diabetes Ireland has pointed out a few issues that must be considered.

"For people with type-2 diabetes, this decrease in food intake along with changes to medication regimes can cause the development of hypoglycaemia (low blood sugar)," said a spokeswoman for Diabetes Ireland.

Dr Anna Clarke, health promotion manager, said: "It's important that people with diabetes be appropriately supported if they choose to fast during Ramadan.

"Information on how to fast safely and in such a way as to prevent any health determination is vital."

Copies of 'Facts About Fasting During Ramadan' are available from the Islamic Cultural Centre, Dublin, or for download from Diabetes Ireland at

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