Friday 28 July 2017

Donegal man to help tackle US obesity with TV story of his dramatic weight loss

Paddy Bond before taking up the healthy eating regime
Paddy Bond before taking up the healthy eating regime
Paddy Bond followed in the footsteps of his wife Catherine by taking up the healthy eating regime
Paddy Bond from Letterkeny who has lost ten stone

Greg Harkin

A FORMER swimming champion who shed 10 stone is to have his inspiring weight battle story broadcast to millions of American TV viewers in a bid to tackle the country’s obesity problems.

Paddy Bond followed in the footsteps of his wife Catherine by taking up a healthy eating regime.

She lost three stone and went on to become a Slimming World consultant.

But it’s her husband’s battle with the bulge which will be featured on the hit American TV health show ‘The Doctors’ tomorrow.

Father of four Paddy, 33, weighed 26 stone last year before taking on his challenge.

Paddy said: “Catherine lost three stone and looks amazing. I said what she can do then I could do as well. So I did,” said Paddy.

“The weight started to come off and I was always into sport so I got back into it again.

“I was told there was an appeal on Facebook for The Doctors show for people to come forward with their stories and I responded.

“If I can help anyone to lose weight, especially people in America, then I’d be delighted.”

The electrician says he will give viewers of the CBS show just one tip: “You control food – don’t let food control you.”

The Ramelton man said he saw his own weight spiral out of control after being beaten in a swimming race in his youth.

The former Ulster swimming champion gave up the sport afterwards.

“I was just fed up and started to eat and eat. I couldn’t stop,” he said.

“The pounds piled on and before I knew it I was more than 26 stone. I was even finding it hard to walk which is incredible because I used to be this athlete who went swimming at 6am every morning.

“I had to do something and I’m now involved with the local rugby club which is good but I couldn’t really have done it without Catherine and the brilliant healthy eating regime at Slimming World.”

The Donegal man has dropped from size 46 to 34 waist trousers and from 19 and a half to 16 and a half inch shirt neck.

He says other people with weight issues can tackle them.

He replaced chocolate snacks with apples and was careful about what he ate.

But he said he was haunted by an image of dying young and having to be buried in a reinforced coffin.

“It will sound mad but I was thinking that I didn’t want to have to have that if I died,” he said.

“I feel great these days. I still have to work on watching what I’m eating every day but as long as I know I have to and recognise that then that’s half the battle,” he said.

Paddy was asked to tell The Doctors television show his story but was shocked when he received a reply just two days later.

“I Facebooked them and told them my story. I couldn’t believe it when they called two days later.

“I can’t believe my story will be seen by 300 million people across America. I hope it can help and encourage some people,” he said.

The show will display the dramatic before-and-after photos demonstrating his weight loss as well as discuss his story.

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