Monday 22 December 2014

Celia Holman-Lee: Perfecting the art of ageing gracefully

Former model Celia Holman-Lee (62) shares her best over-60 beauty tips and tricks

Celia Holman Lee
No change: Celia Holman-Lee in her younger days
Celia Holman Lee at the Peter Mark VIP Style Awards 2013

IT'S POSTURE, stupid! Although model agency boss Celia Holman-Lee is much too polite to put it to us Bill Clinton-style, good posture is one of her top beauty care tips for the over-60s.

Now 62, the former model and owner of Ireland's longest running model agency – she set up the Holman-Lee Agency some 40 years ago – she believes one of the most important things she learned from life on the catwalk is how to hold yourself.

"Stand straight, ears over shoulders, shoulders back and down, backside tucked under," she exhorts, adding that this helps tighten and tuck in your tummy muscles and straighten your spine.

"Drop your shoulders when you're sitting, stretch your neck and tuck in your tummy muscles."

Do it constantly and you'll feel the benefits, she says.

"You look good, you feel better, your clothes look better on you because you're holding yourself correctly and you're also exercising your tummy muscles!

"I've been teaching models for 40 years. The next time you go to a fashion show look at the way they walk – it's all in the posture, in how they carry themselves and how they make clothes look good.

"I make my body more youthful-looking by standing straight and holding myself correctly.

"Sometimes older people are inclined to slouch a bit as they walk. It's very important to be aware of this and to correct it. Posture is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself," says the statuesque Holman-Lee, mother-of-two and now a granny-of-three.

The over-60s are a health-conscious group, savvy about their nutrition and physical health and conscious of their style, says the celebrity stylist and Limerick-woman – and they're particularly aware of the need to look after their skin.

It's a belief underlined by new research from pharmacy chain Boots, which shows Irish people have a positive attitude towards ageing in terms of physical and mental health, fitness, appearance and outlook for the future.

The Let's Age Well Barometer, a survey of 311 people over the age of 60, found that more than eight-in-10 said their generation was proactive in managing their health.

Connacht and Ulster were most positive, with nine-in-10 people saying that they thought their generation was proactively managing their health, followed by Leinster and Munster, where eight-in-10 older people felt the same way.

A solid skincare routine is crucial to manage and minimise the signs of ageing, Holman-Lee says:

"I've never had botox, dermal fillers or a peel. I've never had to do these things; I've never needed to because I've always cared for and pampered my skin," she revealed.

She recently launched the Boots More Treats for Over-60s, which allows customers 10 Boots Advantage Card points for every €1 spent on Boots-branded products. In turn these can be redeemed on Boots and non-Boots-branded products across the store (for more information, log on to

"I believe in the efficacy of good quality skin-care products which have good research behind them and are from a brand you can trust.

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