Thursday 17 April 2014

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Calories noun, Santa Claus will consume 150 billion calories on Christmas Eve (cookies, mince pies and milk) after delivering to the world's 1.6 billion children. That's around 60,000 times Claus's recommended daily calorie intake (although, in fairness, it's a busy night)

Chimneys noun, Santa squeezes down 5,556 chimneys every second on Christmas Eve. Unkind people describe Claus's physique as plump, but we at FIT Magazine believe he's magically fit in order to complete his annual navigation of the Earth on time

Miles noun, Santa needs to walk 1.3 billion miles to work off the calories built up on Christmas Eve. That's 54,000 times around the Earth. This forms a key part of his annual training programme

Whiskey noun, some Irish families leave a nip of whiskey for Santa, instead of milk. Not since one particularly busy night in 1985 has Claus failed to drink this. He deserves a treat

Irish Independent

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