Friday 18 April 2014

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Anna Lee, vice chairman of Chinese auction house Spink, poses with nunchaku and a jumpsuit, both used by the late kungfu superstar Bruce Lee in his last movie "Game of Death", as part of the Bruce Lee 40th anniversary collection, at a news conference in Hong Kong December 2, 2013. The jumpsuit is estimated to fetch HK$250,000-$300,000 ( $32,052 - $38,462 ) and his nunchaku is estimated at HK$200,000-$300,000 ( $25,641 - $38,462) in an auction on December 5, 2013.  REUTERS/Bobby Yip (CHINA - Tags: ENTERTAINMENT BUSINESS ANNIVERSARY)
Modern hapkido employs many Korean weapons including nunchaku

5 Hapkido is a Korean martial art which contains aspects of judo, karate, jiu-jitsu, taekwondo and aikido.

2 This many main terms are often used when describing the martial art of hapkido. These are dynamic and eclectic.

3 In hapkido, kicks, punches and joint locks are generally used as forms of self-defence.

25 Hapkido takes a long time to master. Black belts in this field have often studied the art for at least this many years.

1950s Although its roots can be traced back at least 1,000 years, modern hapkido did not exist in official name or practice until the mid-20th century.

6 Modern hapkido employs the use of at least this many Korean weapons – swords, ropes, jool bongs, canes (nunchaku), short sticks (dan bong) and staffs.

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