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Body clock: Eileen Dunne

Nancy Previs

Published 26/07/2010 | 05:00


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I'm not a big breakfast person and at this point I just have a glass of orange juice and a cup of instant coffee with one lump of sugar and a drop of milk.


This morning I have the luxury of being able to sit and enjoy a second cup of coffee and a strawberry yogurt while I read the paper.


I do an hour-long Body Balance class, making sure to drink plenty of water.


I walk back home, then shower and get my clothes organised for work. I'm starving when I sit down to eat a ham and coleslaw sandwich on wholegrain bread.


I drive up the road to the hairdressers where I get my hair done for work. Once I am there, my work day has formally begun.


I drive back home, grab my outfit for tonight's broadcast and then head for RTÉ.


I read the radio news on the half hour until the six o'clock bulletin. I am busy between broadcasts, monitoring stories. I have an interview with one of the correspondents on tonight's nine o'clock news.


I have a cup of coffee with a banana and walnut muffin from the canteen.


I have to record my promo for the nine o'clock news, but that only takes a minute or two. We then have a meeting about tonight's programme.


I read the news and immediately after I finish I go home


At home I make another cup of instant coffee with one sugar and a little milk. I have some cheddar cheese and tomato with Tuc crackers.

I work seven days on and seven days off. When I'm off, I'd cook a proper dinner but on the days that I am working, I find it impossible to have dinner because of my schedule.

However, sometimes I will make an omelette or a salad and have that as my main meal before going to work.

Eileen Dunne presents the RTÉ Concert Orchestra's summer lunchtime concert of classical favourites on Tuesday August 10 at the NCH, 1.05pm. Eileen's radio programme, Sunday Melodies with Eileen Dunne, airs 7--9pm on RTÉ lyric fm

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