Friday 19 December 2014

10 Hottest Exercise Trends

Fed-up with your usual workout? Don't despair, we have the solution. Our expert rates the 10 hottest exercise trends.

Going the distance: Events such as Tough Mudder are more mad-athon than marathon
Going the distance: Events such as Tough Mudder are more mad-athon than marathon
Anti-gravity yoga
The Nike+ Fuelband
Workout at work
Personal trainer Darragh Hayes

Bored of bootcamp and fed up of fitness DVDs? A new survey has found that we'd rather do anything OTHER than exercise, and this includes filling out tax returns, doing house work and even going to a Justin Bieber concert.


Here we reveal 10 new ways to take the weariness out of your workout – and personal trainer Darragh Hayes gives his expert verdict on each.


From broadband to waistband, virtual fitness could soon replace fitness DVDs for those looking to shape up at home. Dodging Storm Darwin while doing an exercise class with a real instructor anywhere in the world is just one of the advantages. But the Skype's the limit.

EXPERT VIEW: "I do online training with clients, but I would only do it with those who already know what they're doing. If you're just starting out, it's better to have somebody standing over you telling you exactly what to do."

TRY IT: Natalie Portman's trainer Mary Helen Bowers offers online ballet classes at


Dust down your Scooter CD and dig out those glow-sticks. Nineties-style aerobic raves – but with no booze or boys – are back. Clubbers burn up to 600 calories by dancing non-stop for an hour. Best of all, you wake up feeling perky not pukey the next morning.

EXPERT VIEW: "Jumping around like a maniac for an hour will certainly burn calories, but I'm not convinced it will actually burn fat or make you stronger. Be sure to drink lots of water."

TRY IT: Women-only freestyle dance session 'Dance Dance Party Party' (see for upcoming Irish dates)


Beanbags are for babies. Today's toughest obstacle courses for adults include crawling through mud, plunging into ice-cold water and scrambling over 12-foot walls.

Among the extreme outdoor challenges taking place here are Hell & Back, Tough Mudder and Runamuck. Less marathon than mad-athon.


First Brangelina and now 'Piloxing'. That's just one of the hybrid exercise classes springing up all over the country. As well as the fusion of Pilates and boxing, designed to offer the best of both, there's 'yogilates' (yoga and Pilates), 'zennis' (zen and tennis) and 'YAS' (yoga and spinning). Perfect for indecisive exercisers – or is it?

EXPERT VIEW: "If you want to do Pilates, just do pilates; if you want to box, then box. Any good personal trainer should be able to integrate the strength and conditioning offered by both into your regular fitness regime."

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