Monday 21 April 2014

Guns of Steel - How Superman got his incredible physique revealed in new video

Cavill is seen lifting heavy weight above his torso in the video.

Forget bootcamp, a video of how Superman star Henry Cavill achieved his incredible bod, is being used to attract recruits to the National Guard.

The movie Man of Steel  raked in almost €130 million in its first weekend, and actor Henry Cavill can rest assured all his hard work at the gym has paid off. 

A video just released shows the 30-year-old  shirtless British actor getting into shape for the role, where he is seen lifting massive weights over his head.

The tough regime was developed by his trainer Mark Twight, and now this video of Cavill getting into shape for the role, is being used to encourage recruits into the National Guard in America.

According to Twight what Cavill  went through for the role, is just as hard as the training any recruit going into the National Guard in America would undergo, calling  it “a process of self discovery.”

The website of The National Guard makes comparisons between Man of Steel and the citizen soldiers who protect local communities  calling them: “Two American icons who put on the uniform when duty calls.”

Cavill, who has admitted he could only eat foods approved by Warner Bros when preparing for the role and that he had to stick to a limit of 5000 calories a day, is seen in the video lifting kettle bells and dragging heavy weights across the gym.

The actor has admitted to being self conscious about his body in the past.

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