Friday 30 January 2015

Go get 'em! Top seven tips to boost your career

Getting that corner office at work is only a few steps away. Just follow Veronica Canning's strategies to rise to the top

Businesswoman working at her desk
Getting that corner office at work is only a few steps away... (Photo: Thinkstock)

Set yourself wildly improbable goals. Surprise yourself into working on the huge things and achieving them.

First off, it's best to realise that working hard, keeping your head down and hoping the boss will notice is not a career-boosting approach. Working hard is a given!

Rising to the top in any career has much more to do with you, your leadership potential and how you develop your personal brand.

So here are seven strategies that I recommend you adopt if you want the elusive 'corner office'.

1. Have a big audacious aim (BAA)

A fundamental key to career success is to set yourself a clear aim, and make it very audacious and scary.

Go forward a number of years and state clearly where you will be, name the position, the salary, the type of company, the impact you want to make.

I find men are so much better at this. They are unabashed about their ambition.

Career women need to cop on to themselves and let their bosses know they expect to go places. State your BAA and own it.

2. Focus on your impact, don't be a master of the miscellaneous

If you want to be recognised as a rising star, the one to watch, be very conscious of the impact you want to make.

Many people are so invested in being taken seriously that they go into performance mode, volunteering for everything, being pleasing and taking up lost causes.

If you think you are doing any of these, you need to focus on one thing at a time and make your contribution count.

3. Leave the little pebbles on the beach

4. Build a powerful network

I can't overstate the need to get involved in networking in order to enhance your career.

When you network, you escape your own work silo and find out about the wider business world, within and outside your company.

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