Friday 18 April 2014

Photos: Would you order these gruesome dishes at the 'I'm A Celebrity' restaurant?

Can you stomach this?

Fans of fish can opt for fish-eye sushi rolls, ginseng Chinese fish head and eyeball soup (Photo: Gilgamesh)

Thinking of giving Joey Essex a run for his money?

Top-nosh London restaurant Gilgamesh has launched an ‘I’m A Celebrity’ bush-tucker trial menu.

The celebrity-favourite eaterie and nightclub has a disclaimer for diners to sign before they tuck into the elaborate selection of food.

And there’s a prize at stake too. Anyone who manages to eat the entire menu gets their meal for free.

Here are the five things that could end up on your plate:

1. Starters will include scorpion and ant tempura served with Amarillo chilli dressing. These insects are said to be a high source of protein.

2. Fans of fish can opt for fish-eye sushi rolls, ginseng Chinese fish head and eyeball soup.

3. Bull and duck tongue stir fry mixed with Ho Fun noodles, choy sum and peashoots. The good news? Bull tongue is high in protein and vitamin B12, which boosts the production of red blood cells.

4. Meaty pig brain served in a bun with tomato relish and salad garnish. ‘I’m A Celebrity’ contestants Joey Essex and Matthew Wright ate pig’s brain in their own bush-tucker trial this week.

5. Asian vomit fruit sorbets including durian fruit, which has been described as “smelly, sweaty socks”. Although not the most palatable on the tongue, the fruit has a euphoric effect when eaten as a dessert. It is also packed full of oestrogen which is thought to make women more fertile.

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