Wednesday 16 April 2014


Trifle is one of the best English desserts and there are many variations. I have created a healthier Italian version that is brimming with the flavours you'd expect but leaves you feeling less heavy and guilty.

You can substitute the fruit with blackberries or peaches if you prefer. Serves four.

Calories, 310; fat, 10.9g; saturates, 2.4g; sugar, 34.5g; salt, 0.2g

You will need

10 amaretti biscuits (use the crunchy version)

4 tbsps amaretto

120g raspberries

120g blueberries

300ml low-fat custard, ready made

300ml low-fat natural yogurt

1 tsp vanilla extract

20g flaked almonds, toasted until lightly brown

2 chocolate flakes, crushed


Place the amaretti in a folded tea towel and crush into small pieces. Divide the crushed biscuits between four dessert glasses about 8cm in diameter.

Pour the amaretto over the biscuits and set aside for 20 minutes.

Share out the raspberries and blueberries between the four glasses, then spoon over enough custard to cover the berries. Mix the yogurt with the vanilla extract and spoon a layer over the custard.

Transfer the trifles to the fridge to rest for 45 minutes. Just before serving, scatter over the toasted almonds and sprinkle the chocolate flakes on top. Enjoy!

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