Saturday 26 July 2014

Food and film: from screen to stove

Gone with the Wind Cookbook

Frankly, my dear, I don't give a clam!

Today's ubiquitous TV cookbooks all began with a movie. The Pebeco Toothpaste company first published a cookbook to tie in with Gone with the Wind back in 1940.

The Star Trek Cookbook

In 1999, Star Trek boldly went where no man had gone before – into the kitchen. Written by Ethan Phillips and William J Birnes, it explains how USS Voyager chef Neelix keeps a crew of 140 hungry humans, Vulcans and Klingons happy with interstellar dishes such as Ensign Kim's Rice Noodles in Milk.

SESAME Street: 'C' is for Cooking

With a Cookie Monster and Big Bird among its residents, a Sesame Street cookbook for kids was only a matter of time. And this 40th anniversary collection of easy-peasy recipes flew off shelves in 2007 – despite being curiously short on poultry recipes.

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