Thursday 17 April 2014

VEC turns to North as it can't fill language teacher jobs


A shortage of language teachers has forced schools to advertise for staff in Northern Ireland.

Although thousands of teachers are struggling for work, Co Louth Vocational Education Committee (VEC), which runs five schools, has advertised vacancies in the ' Belfast Telegraph' newspaper.

The ad, placed last Monday, is seeking German and Spanish teachers as well as those who can teach a range of subjects through the medium of Irish, starting next September.

Co Louth VEC chief executive officer Padraig Kirk said their schools were experiencing "significant difficulties" in recruiting qualified teachers.


The VEC, which has also had problems recruiting teachers of French and Russian, looked over the border after two ads placed in the Republic failed to fill the vacancies.

The problem is not unique to Co Louth and Ferdia Kelly of the Joint Managerial Body, representing secondary school management, said shortages had been noted in recent years.

Meanwhile, Dublin schools could find it difficult to get Irish teachers, Clive Byrne of the National Association of Principals and Deputy Principals said. New regulations ensuring schools recruit only qualified and registered teachers may be contributing to the difficulties.

Previously, a school may have fallen back on a teacher who was proficient in a subject but not properly qualified.

Irish Independent

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