Wednesday 16 April 2014

18 Products That Bring Social Media to (Real) Life

Talented sellers on eBay and Etsy are selling custom-made social media trinkets to help people bring their social media addiction to (real) life.

1. Couch Cushions
So your guests can know immediately what networks to check-in on.

YouTube cushion

2. Bags
Nothing says 'There's an iPhone in this bag, please steal it' like an Instagram bag.


A steal at only $75

3. Bumper Stickers
You can even get one customised with your Instagram handle, so random people you've never met can follow you while stuck behind you in traffic.



Standard Instagram Bumper Sticker

4. Cuff links
Show off your social network of choice on your shirt sleeves.

cufflinks 3 Beaulieu creations.jpg 

5. Jewelry
Social media has become the ultimate accessory- literally. You can even get jewelry with your Twitter handle so everyone you meet can follow you.

Instagram dangly earrlings


6. Stationary
Say goodbye to boring stationary - pick your favourite tweet and voila!

twitter notebook etsy heykatiedesigns.jpg 

7. Coasters

Instagram photos are no longer wasted, just sitting on the app- now they can sit on your coffee table! Your visitors will be placing their drinks on pictures of you with different filters. It's sure to be a conversation starter.

 coasters 2 etsy PIXELGRINphotography.jpg

8. Hip Flasks
No longer do your drinking habits and social media have to live exclusively!

Hip flask instagram.JPG 


9. Food
Bake a cookie of your favourite social media account.

Cookie cutter etsy cookieprints.jpg 


10. Clothes
While social media t-shirts have been around for quite some time, there are some new ways to wear your networks arriving on the scene.

hair bow etsy lillybeanbowtique.jpg 

bowtie etsy tessaROXX.jpg

 jumper ebay  frontcoverthreads.JPG

11. Keyrings

Make sure your keys let people know where to follow you.

Keyrings etsy feltland2013.jpg 

12. Scout Merit Badges

Give these to your friends as hilarious 'Secret Santa' presents.

Facebook Stalker Urban Merit Badge etsy foureyeshandmade.jpg 

13. Guitar Picks

If you're a musician with a Facebook page, this guitar pick is a tax write-off for work.

pick etsy tlfantasyland.jpg 

14. Social Soap

Make a nice soap of your favourite network for your guest bathroom.

silicone mould etsy alicecraftwonderland.jpg 

15. Hashtag Delph

Get your favourite hashtag inscribed into the plates you eat your social media food on.

twitter bowl etsy sayyourpiece.jpg 

16. Wristbands

Simple, yet effective.

wristbands etsy kapicka.jpg 


17. iPhone cover

iphone cover  ebay miu_store.JPG


18. Wedding Signs
Make sure your friends and family know the right hashtags to use when tweeting and Instagramming photos of your special day.

wedding etsy bournetodesign.jpg 

Of course, if you'd rather only show your affection for One Direction, you can get a customised cushion with a tweet of your choice from your favourite band member.


one d 3.jpg 

Would you buy any of these social media trinkets? Let us know in the comments below.


If you already have some social media trinkets in your house, tweet us a picture at @independent_ie!


(Full disclosure by writer: I bought the dangly Instagram earrings and the Twitter stationary after writing this article.)

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