Sunday 23 April 2017

10 apps to help you get, and keep, a healthier lifestyle

If you are looking to change your life or just make one small difference there is an app out there to help you

RunKeeper app
RunKeeper app
Zombies,Run! app
SleepCycle app
Substitutions app
Personal Zen app
Lift app
WaterIn App
Lumosity app
GymPact app
Epicurious app

Eimear Phelan

If you are looking to change your life or even just change one thing there are loads of resources at your fingertips.

If you are looking to change your life or even just change one thing there are loads of resources at your fingertips. You can pretty much get an app for everything now so we have put together a list of the top 10 apps to help you get, and maintain, a healthy lifestyle.

1. RunKeeper- This is app does exactly what it says on the tin. It tracks your distance and speed as you run along your route. It is great for recording progress and calories burned and you can even connect it to Facebook if you want to boast to your friends. It also shows your route so you can spell out your name on your morning run. (Android and iOS- Free)

Run Keeper.jpg


2. Zombies, Run!- If you find running boring this is the app for you. All you need to do if put in your headphones and suddenly you are running for you life away from zombie hoards. There are loads of different scenarios to run and lots of different levels. The 5k Training run is ideal for beginners. (Android and iOS- $1.99)


3. SleepCycle - Feeling great starts with sleeping great. SleepCycle works by tracking your movement while sleeping to figure out your sleep cycles. It then uses that data to wake you up at the end of a cycle making you feel more rested and alert. It also tracks quality of sleep over time. (iOS only- $0.99)



4. Substitutions - If you are cutting something out of your diet, such as dairy, substitute is a handy app for you. It is basically a list of ingredients and their possible substitutes. If you have forgotten to do the shopping it makes cooking for a lot easier too. It is also great for allergy sensitive people. (iOS only- $0.99)


5. Personal Zen - Millions of people across the world suffer from anxiety. Personal Zen works on the principle of attention-bias modification training (ABMT) which uses a game to distract you from the source of anxiety. This has been proved to work by psychologists. The game is a fun task accomplishing exercise. (iOS only- Free)


6. Lift - This is a motivations app. It allows you to set goals and encourages you to keep them. ti works in three ways. It coaches you and gives you reminders, it allows to connect with other people and experts and learn from them and it allows you to track your progress. It’s fully customisable so you can choose how much it bothers you. (Android and iOS- Free)


7. WaterIn - A super simple app which reminds you to drink water at regular intervals throughout the day. You can change the amount of water you want to drink and it is super simple to use. It is a pretty app and its gentle reminders come with the sound of trickling water. (Android and iOS- Free)



8. Lumosity - Training your brain is just as important as training your body. This little app is part of the Human cognition project so it linked in with universities and experts around the world. The wide range of games focus on different areas of brain training which you can tailor to your own needs. It is also online if you don't have an iPhone (iOS only - Free)


9. GymPact - If you are the type of person that needs that little bit of extra motivation to go to the gym, this is for you. In GymPact you commit how many workouts you want to do this week and how much your forfeit is. If you don't complete them, your hard earned cash goes to other Pact users. All users are linked so if you do what you promise you might even get paid to go to the gym. (Android and iOS - Free)


10. Epicurious Recipes and shopping list- If you are looking to spice up your cooking as well as your life this is the app for you. It provides thousands of recipes to search from and gives you cooking times and users ratings. So you know the recipes have been tried and tested before you get there. Its a simple app for those with a love for food. (Android and iOS- Free)

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