Monday 26 January 2015

Travel essentials: Clothing


North Face shorts
Just right for walking in hot countries whether it be a serious trek or an amble around the old town. They are available in sober asphalt grey and taupe to hide those stains when you’ve worn them a few days too many. €55
Cotton Sarong from Accessorize. Wear it on the beach as a cover-up, as a scarf to add to an outfit . It can be used as a shawl in the evening or as an impromptu towel if you've left yours poolside.
£15 www.monsoon.
Muji shrink wrap t-shirt
These T-shirts are packaged in shrink-wrapped cubes. Made of 60% cotton and 40% polyester. Available in a variety of colours.
Stormlite towel
These towels are light and small and the speed in which is dries means you can use it one night and dry it in time for the next day. It has an antibacterial finish that lasts for over 30 washes, making it great for tropical climates. for £9.99
Packable Panama Hat
This hat can be folded up and packed in even the smallest piece of hand luggage. Hand woven from natural straw, it's an elegant piece of headgear for the discerning traveller
Cocoon dress
Made from soft black jersey, this dress can be tied, twisted and turned inside out to make 10 different dresses.

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