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Revealed: The most visited city in the world

Where does Dublin place on Euromonitor's Top 100?

Hong Kong central district skyline and Victoria Harbour view at night
Hong Kong central district skyline and Victoria Harbour view at night
Westminster, London
Singapore skyline of business district and Marina Bay in day
Kuala Lumpur skyline
Grand palace at twilight in Bangkok between Loykratong festival, Thailand
Macau, China skyline at the high rise casino resorts.
Istanbul at sunset - Galata district, Turkey
The Empire State Building, New York
China's Shenzhen city in the night
Eiffel tower in Paris, France
Patricia Murphy

Patricia Murphy

Hong Kong has been crowned the most visited city in the world for the sixth consecutive year, according to data released this week.

More than 27 million tourists visited China's Special Administrative Region in 2014, which is an 8.2pc increase on the previous year.

The city was the desired destination of more tourists than London, which saw 17.4m people visit in 2014, an increase of 3.6pc from the previous year.

Singapore, Bangkok and Paris complete the top five cities most visited by tourists in 2014, making it more popular than Toronto, Brussels and Munich.

The data, released by Euromonitor International, found that Dublin lacked competitiveness when compared to key European cities, however.

The Irish capital ranks 49th on the Top 100, with a 6pc growth over the previous year increasing visitor numbers to 3.5m tourists in 2014.

Despite this, Dublin "fails to position itself competitively against key European players," Euromonitor commented, with cities such as Vienna, Barcelona, London and Amsterdam attracting more international arrivals.

"Dublin is simply not distinguishing itself against the competition as a city to visit," according to Euromonitor's researchers. "It needs to create its own new tourism niches and hone in on who its target audience should be."

Rio de Janerio is the fastest climber on the chart with a 47pc increase in visitors, while Cancun in Mexico, Agra in India and Taichung in Taiwan also experienced a significant boost in tourism this year.

European cities Paris and Istanbul also feature in the top ten most visited cities, while New York was the only American city to nab a place on the list.

The World's Top 10 Most Visited Cities

1) Hong Kong

cities (6).jpg


2) London



3) Singapore

cities (5).jpg


4) Bangkok

cities (1).jpg


5) Paris

cities (10).jpg


6) Macau

cities (4).jpg


7) Shenzhen

cities (2).jpg


8) New York City


9) Istanbul


10) Kuala Lumpar

cities (3).jpg  

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