Wednesday 20 September 2017

Holiday essentials cheaper on arrival

Breda Heffernan

Breda Heffernan

FROM sunglasses to Speedos, it pays for Irish holidaymakers to forget their toothbrush when travelling abroad this summer.

A new survey has placed Ireland as the fourth most expensive country in which to stock a suitcase with a range of holiday essentials.

Surprisingly, Turkey, which has a reputation as a low-cost destination, was found to be the most expensive country, costing just over €925 to purchase a basket of 16 products. But this may have been skewed by the inclusion of a standard adult passport, which costs an eye-watering €391.48 in Turkey compared to €80 in Ireland.

Australia came second in the Visa Europe Suitcase Index, where the basket cost €759, followed by France at €725 and Ireland at €718.

And in good news for those Irish sunseekers hoping to avoid airlines' excess luggage charges, it pays for them to pack light and purchase their holiday basics when they reach a host of popular hotspots such as Spain, Italy, Greece, the United States and the Caribbean.

The cheapest country in which to stock a suitcase was India at €547, while Portugal, a popular destination for the travelling Irish, came in as the second cheapest at €626.


The survey reveals that it is possible to bag a bargain while abroad. A toothbrush costs just 62c in the Czech Republic, compared to €3.99 in Ireland, while a pair of Ray Ban sunglasses that cost €143 at home will only set you back €25.95 in Turkey.

For those happy to flaunt their stuff on the beach, Italy was the most expensive place to buy a pair of Speedos at €36.63, while the same posing pouch costs just €7.19 in Bulgaria or €16.12 in Ireland.

Those heading stateside this summer would be well advised to stock up on their sunscreen before boarding the plane, with 100ml of Piz Buin sun lotion costing €27.69 there, compared to a more wallet-friendly €12.50 at home. And while it has a reputation as a high-end holiday destination, the Caribbean was the best place to buy sunscreen costing just €3.87.

But Ireland emerged as the favourite among readers as it offered the best value when it came to buying books. It was the cheapest place to buy a paperback copy of 'The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo' at €8.29 as opposed to €23.68 in Bulgaria.

Ireland was also the best place to buy a Lonely Planet travel guide at €15.50, compared to €55.14 in the Caribbean.

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