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Facebook anger over Ryanair fees as passenger gets huge support

Oliver Smith

Published 21/08/2012 | 12:06

CEO of Irish low-cost airline Ryanair Michael O'Leary grimaces as he speaks during a press conference, on March 29, 2012 in Brussels. AFP PHOTO/BELGA/ OLIVIER VIN -Belgium Out- (Photo credit should read OLIVIER VIN/AFP/Getty Images)

A BRITISH woman who used Facebook to express her anger at Ryanair’s boarding pass reissue fee has received the support of nearly 350,000 users in just five days.

Suzy McLeod from Newbury, Berkshire, says the no-frills airline charged her €300 to print out five boarding passes before a flight from Alicante to Bristol on August 15.

A day later she wrote on a page devoted to Ryanair: “I had previously checked in online but because I hadn't printed out the boarding passes, Ryanair charged me €60 per person! Meaning I had to pay €300 for them to print out a piece of paper! Please ‘like’ if you think that's unfair.”

This morning her post had received nearly 350,000 ‘likes’ and nearly 18,000 supportive comments.

Had Ms McLeod forgotten to print her own boarding passes on the flight from Bristol to Alicante, she would have faced an even greater bill of £300. This is because Ryanair uses an exchange rate of £1=€1 when calculating its numerous fees – a policy which, due to the weak euro, means British passengers are charged more.

In addition to the €60 fee for reissuing boarding passes, Ryanair’s passengers are charged a €6 per person per flight “admin fee” and a €6 “web check-in fee”. It also recently introduced an “EU261 levy” to offset the cost of paying compensation for flight delays and cancellations, and since January it has also charged an “ETS levy” to cover the cost of the EU’s Emissions Trading Scheme, under which airlines are fined for exceeding carbon emissions limits.

Ryanair passengers wishing to check in a single bag, meanwhile, are charged between €15 and €40 per person per flight, depending on the time of year, their destination, and the weight of their luggage. Carriage of sports or musical equipment costs €50.

A spokesman for the airline said: "As clearly outlined in the terms and conditions passengers agree to before a Ryanair booking can be completed, and in emails sent to the passenger before travel, passengers must check-in online and print their boarding card before travel as failure to do so will result in a boarding card re-issue penalty."

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