Wednesday 29 March 2017

Royal Envy: Seven of Australia's most beautiful places

Britain's Prince William and Kate stand in front of the Uluru in the Northern Territory
Britain's Prince William and Kate stand in front of the Uluru in the Northern Territory
The bubble gum pink waters of Lake Hillier
Lord Howe Island
panoramic of Wallaman Falls, Armidale, NSW, Australia
Katherine Gorge, Australia
Wineglass Bay
Ancient refelctions
Southern right whale cow with calf, aerial view, Argentina
Tasmanian coastline
Divers in Piccaninnie Ponds
Patricia Murphy

Patricia Murphy

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge enjoyed a spectacular golden sunset over Ulura on Tuesday as they reach the height of their Australian tour making our feet itch to discover the wonder for ourselves.

The couple watched as the landmark sandstone outcrop - also known as Ayers Rock - changed colour before their eyes from a luminous red to a deep purple as the sun dipped below the horizon.

Although breathtakingly beautiful, the couple's short visit to Ulura has encouraged some wishful holiday planning in the hope of clasping our eyes upon the other amazing sights to be found on the far away continent. Below are seven wonders to be added to any travel bucket list.

Below are seven more spectacles we’ve added to our travel bucket list

Lake Hillier


Bubble-gum pink are the waters of Western Australia’s stunning Lake Hillier. Located on Middle Island in Recherche Archipelago, the bright waters continue to baffle scientists the world over. The spectacle is only viewable from a height but clasping eyes upon it will have you wondering whether or not you have wandered onto the set of the latest Willy Wonka revamp.


Lord Howe Island


A two-hour flight away from Sydney and Brisbane, Lord Howe’s eclipsing beauty makes it one of the Pacific’s most breath-taking islands. Its crystal clear waters are a haven for water enthusiasts with fishing, snorkeling, scuba diving and surfing on the top list of priorities. Only 400 visitors can descend on the island at anyone time so bask in the glory of seeing something exclusive.


Wallaman Falls



Over 100,000 people flock to Queensland’s Girringun National Park each year to clasp their eyes upon Australia’s tallest single drop waterfall. In times of heavy rain Herbert’s waters crash down the falls, creating an idyllic mist of rainbows, which can be awed at from the lookout point directly across from the gorge.


Wineglass Bay


Air miles will be of no use when trekking towards this Australian gem, only accessible on boat or by foot, the latter leading you through the Hazard Mountains. The beach boasts ivory coloured sands and sparkling seas that will coax your to slip on those sunnies instantaneously.


Katherine Gorge

Keen sightseers are invited to oogle the thirteen hauntingly beautiful gorges that make up Katherine Gorge in the Northern Territory of Australia. Carved through ancient sandstone by the Katherine River, swimming is strictly prohibited unless one is hankering for a crocodile bite during wet season.


Head of Bight


Wildlife enthusiasts are sure to get a kick out of the Head of Bight, where Southern Right whales congregate in their masses to give birth to bouncing baby calves beneath Southern Australia’s clear blue skies. One might even lay eyes on a Humpback and encounter a jumping pod of dolphins with a bit of luck.


Piccaninnie Ponds

Experienced divers can expected an oasis once taking the plunge beneath one Southern Australia’s Piccaninnie Ponds, which boast fantastic visibility up to 40m deep. Hugely popular for adventure seeking cave divers and snorklers, one can anticipate clasping eyes on the most beautiful aquatic species.


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